Eres is the story of a revolution. The process of this revolution has resulted in cult products: fashion and luxury essentials. By drawing inspiration from women’s lives, their needs, their daily activities and their desires, Eres has obtained a unique perspective on our fast-moving times.

Nowadays, Eres has become an absolute benchmark whose standards have gained widespread acknowledgment. Eres’ unique approach led to a new philosophy – the Art of the Body – the portrayal of a complete femininity and a contemporary sensuality.

The essence of the Eres style stems from the quest to forever improve and master cuts that respect the body’s architecture and enhance its contours. Possessed by the idea of sleek lines and graphic perfection, Irène Leroux liberated the swimsuit from the constraints of padding and boning, turning this fashion item into a second skin that flatters the body’s natural curves.

This founding principle then became the cornerstone of the Eres philosophy: The Art of the Body. Galvanized by the young brand, the swimsuit instantly became a cult item totally in tune with the desire at that time for a free body.

Behind the distinctly understated styles, the cuts conceal a wealth of know-how and technical details, such as laser cutting and flat-seam construction, which enable every woman to find her ideal Eres.