Offers custom discount rates for customers Cardholders are primarily informed about periodical advantages and privileges.

With FASHCARD transactions made as a single payment;

  • For annual 5000 TL and above spendings, a 5% discount
  • For annual 10.000 TL and above spendings, a 10% discount
  • For annual 25.000 TL and above spendings, a 15% discount
  • For annual 100.000 TL and above spendings, a 20% discount is defined to FASHCARD to be used on future purchases.

(Half of the discount rate is applied in installment transactions)

Detailed statements of transactions, earned and spent discounts are delivered to cardholders through e-mails on a monthly basis.

FASHCARD Terms of Use:

  • Entitlements are particular to the cardholder and should be used between the specified dates. They cannot be transferred to another person or cannot be turned into cash. Discounts expire after 24 months.
  • Predefined discount rates are assessed annually and rate that will be applied in the coming year is defined depending on the amount of the yearly purchase amount.
  • Fashcard discounts does not apply during sales periods or to specific products that are already on sale.


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